5 Reasons Why Tonipet Gaba Trusts Svenson PH’s FUE Hair Transplant

Tonipet Gaba's Svenson treatment

TV host and stage actor Tonipet Gaba’s life was totally different before he got a hair transplant procedure. Since high school, Tonipet would always fuss over his rapid hairloss and how difficult it was to style his hair. According to a TIME article, 99% of men suffering from hairloss inherit it from their family. Tonipet’s case was no different, as his father started losing hair in his 30s.

Tired of dealing with his hairloss problem, Tonipet decided to put an end to it and started his hair restoration journey with Svenson in October 2016. That’s when he knew his life would change forever.

After a series of consultations at Svenson, Tonipet was advised to undergo Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques, which involves extracting donor hairs and individually implanting them on thinning and balding areas.

And things turned out just as he expected. Only a few months later, he got back not only his hair but also his youthful look and confidence, all thanks to the trusted hair transplant clinic in the Philippines.

On TV, he reviews restaurants, gadgets, and everything under the sun. Now let’s check out Tonipet’s five reasons why Svenson is his preferred hair transplant clinic.

1. No sales talk—just thorough and objective hair and scalp tests

Tonipet Gaba preparing for treatment

From the beginning, Tonipet has felt that he made the right choice. “What I like about Svenson is hindi ka nila dadaanin sa sales talk (they don’t talk you into buying their service without checking your hair first),” he said about his initial consultation. “They didn’t tell me right away that I needed a hair transplant. The trichologists did a series of meticulous tests first before recommending the best solution to my hairloss problem: an FUE hair transplant.”

Tonipet was also impressed with the intensive, step-by-step pre-transplant process as well as the advanced technologies used to evaluate his hair and scalp. All these things assured him of a worry-free procedure.

2. The entire FUE procedure was totally painless and easy breezy

“No pain at all.” That’s how Tonipet described his experience undergoing the FUE procedure that lasted for just a few hours. Knowing that only qualified surgeons performed his hair transplant, he had nothing to fear at all.
“It was handled with utmost care and expertise. They are experts at what they do,” Tonipet said, referring to Svenson’s board-certified and aesthetically-trained plastic surgeons who can do mega sessions of up to 4,000 grafts.

Tonipet also appreciates that the Svenson staff set his expectations from the get-go, explaining each step that he would go through. This made him feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure.

“They extracted permanent hairs from the back of my head and then transplanted them one by one around the temples where balding is prominent. Mine was around 2,500 grafts,” he shared.

3. My transplanted hair looks natural. I love it!

Tonipet Gaba at the Svenson clinic

Tonipet recalled feeling paranoid at first because his hair was shedding after the surgery. “But then I learned that hair normally falls out after the procedure to make way for new hair to grow.”

In just a few months after the transplant, Tonipet started seeing transplanted hair growing. “It’s real, normal, and thick hair! I was so overjoyed that I jumped!”

“My hair looks so natural now. It doesn’t look like I had a surgery. It’s like nothing happened!”

His friends and colleagues in the TV industry also noticed the difference in Tonipet’s appearance. Their reaction boosted his confidence further. “I used to have full bangs to conceal my receding hairline, but now I can style my hair any way I want,” he proudly shared.

“I’m just thankful that I had my hair transplant while I’m still young. I think it’s the best investment I made for myself,” Tonipet said.

4. Svenson genuinely cares for me even after the transplant

Tonipet Gaba getting Svenson hair treatments

What sets Svenson apart from other hair transplant clinics in the Philippines? For Tonipet, it is providing complete pre- and post-surgery hair care.

He feels like he has a supportive team that makes sure he gets the best results. “The Svenson staff still kept in touch after the transplant to check my progress and educate me on how to take care of my hair properly,” he said.

5. They treat me like family

Whenever he visits the Svenson clinic for his post-transplant care, Tonipet feels like he gets the royal treatment—not because he’s a celebrity but because he’s a valued part of the Svenson family. If you browse through his Instagram account, you’ll see videos and photos of him sharing good laughs with the Svenson staff as well as his best friend and fellow TV host Lyn Ching, who’s also a loyal Svenson client.

To learn more about Tonipet’s inspiring journey from hairloss to hair restoration, watch this video:

You, too, can put your hairloss problems under control, just like Tonipet who proactively searched for the best solution to his hair woes. Will you wait until you’re old and bald before you save your hair?

Get your hair and scalp checked to know if you need a hair transplant. Go to the trusted name in hairloss treatments and hair restoration for 36 years. Book a free hair and scalp consultation with Svenson today! #TheHairlossAuthority

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