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Like most people suffering from early hair loss, actor and image stylist Ricci Chan started to lose hair after college. But the reality of his hair loss only sank in when he performed in a stage musical in September 2016. His role required wearing a hairstyle that would expose his receding hairline. Wasting no time, Ricci consulted a trichologist at Svenson Philippines, and a Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant was recommended.

On this post, Ricci reviews the results of his FUE hair transplant and shares the five reasons why it’s a life-changing milestone for him.

1. He kissed his hair insecurities goodbye

Ricci Chan with his Svenson poster

Ending his hair loss problem was always in Ricci’s mind. “I tried thickening shampoos that didn’t work. There’s only so much that topical hair products can do.” He also took oral medications for male pattern baldness, but he didn’t want to be dependent on them forever.

“I’ve always had an insecurity about my receding hairline. It’s a big deal because when you’re losing hair, people think you’re less of a man,” Ricci said.

Several months after his FUE procedure, the natural-looking results boosted his confidence. “I no longer have to deal with hair insecurities, and I think that’s what Svenson helped me with when I got the hair transplant.”

2. His fuller, healthier hair completes his youthful look

In his 40s, Ricci is lucky to have age-defying face and skin, something that people his age could only wish for. But his receding hairline didn’t make him look as youthful as he wanted.

“I’ve been blessed to look younger than my age. Unfortunately, my hairline didn’t keep up with my look. It was making me look older.”

Ricci believes that hair is part of a man’s virility. “You’re perceived to be much stronger and much more youthful with a head full of hair.” This is why he went ahead with the FUE hair transplant at Svenson Philippines. “Buti naagapan agad (Good thing we stopped hair loss early).”

A recent survey by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine confirmed that hair transplants make men look younger and more attractive. Men who underwent the procedure were also perceived to be more successful and approachable than balding men who had not undergone a hair transplant.

3. He enjoys more versatility as an actor and credibility as a beauty expert

As a theater, TV, and film actor, Ricci has to do justice to every role he plays. Besides performing well, he has to make sure he looks the part, too.

“I’m in an industry where it’s important to look like the character you’re portraying. My looks have to be versatile so that I can play characters of different ages. How can I convince the audience that I’m acting as a college student when I look more like a professor?”

Because of his thicker and healthier hair—thanks to his FUE hair transplant—it’s now easier to land younger roles.

Even when he’s off-cam as a makeup artist or stylist, his healthy hair is an investment, too. “When I’m behind the camera, looking good from head to toe speaks of my authority in the beauty industry. Why should people listen to me when I can’t even take care of myself?”

4. He can rock any hairstyle now

Ricci Chan after a hair transplant

Before he got an FUE hair transplant at Svenson Philippines, Ricci’s hairstyle choices were very limited. “I couldn’t have an updo. I would shy away from hairstyles that show the hairline like the trendy pompadour for men. I also didn’t color my hair as much as I’d like to because I was scared my remaining hair might fall out,” Ricci shared.

“That’s why I was so happy when I saw my hair growing,” he said. He feels more confident now trying different hairstyles. “I’ve never felt more confident about styling my hair. Before, I’d never have agreed to style my hair up. But now I can rock an updo!”

5. He’s confident sporting a natural hairline

image of a man's hairline before and after undergoing follicular unit extraction

As a stylist and makeup artist, Ricci knew exactly what he wanted from his FUE hair transplant. “I didn’t want a hairline that’s so low, it looked fake. I just wanted to fill in the gaps on my hairline,” he said. And he was happy to see the results. “My hair feels natural and normal now.”

Ricci is thankful he trusted the best FUE hair transplant clinic in the Philippines. “One thing I like about Svenson is that they’re not just experts but also artists. I’ve seen a lot of bad hair jobs and fake hairpieces done by other clinics. But at Svenson, you get to deal with qualified professionals who have studied hair long enough to know what they’re talking about.”

Check out this video to hear straight from Ricci how his FUE hair transplant transformed his life.

Ricci Chan before FUE hair transplant

Just like Ricci, you can solve your hair loss problem while you’re still young. “Hair loss deprives you of your youth. When you see results from your FUE hair transplant, you’ll definitely enjoy your life better.”

He also encouraged young people to have their hair and scalp checked by the experts at the best FUE hair transplant clinic. “Svenson Philippines gives you realistic expectations about your hair transplant procedure, unlike most beauty clinics that over-promise with their sales talk. No outrageous promises here—just the reality check you need to hear.” So book a free hair and scalp consultation with Svenson today. #The Hair LossAuthority

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