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Image is everything—you spend money, time, and effort to look your best. There’s your gym membership, derma treatments, wardrobe upgrades, and what have you. The last thing you’d want is to look older than you really are. But if you’re starting to go bald, all the things you’ve worked hard for will be in vain. Find out if you’re a candidate for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), an advanced, effective, and safe hair transplant procedure that delivers natural-looking and permanent results.

Suki Salvador, One MEGA Group vice president, creative director, and editor, is no stranger to hair loss problems, having experienced it as early as 8 years ago. But he was in denial when a friend told him his hair was thinning. It was only when he began to feel the aircon breeze on his scalp while working on his desk that he realized he needed to do something about it.

He went to a Svenson clinic for a consultation. When the trichologists recommended an FUT hair transplant, he had no qualms about it. As a fashion stylist, Suki is well aware of the devastating effects of baldness, and an FUT procedure was going to end all that.

Six months after his hair transplant in 2016, Suki couldn’t be happier with the results. He even shares his experience and knowledge about the procedure with young career-driven people like him. Here are the seven common myths about FUT hair transplants and the real deal about them that Suki discovered during his entire hair restoration journey.

FUT myth #1: Men in their 20s or 30s are too young to get a hair transplant

a nervous man partly covers his face

According to Mr. Michael Bernstein, chief trichologist at Svenson Philippines, the early signs of hair loss happen after puberty when testosterone interacts with enzymes, resulting in thinning hair.

“What people don’t realize is that hair loss is predominantly a young man’s problem,” Mr. Bernstein pointed out.

That’s why Suki didn’t delay his hair restoration journey with Svenson. “If you wait ‘til you’re 40, it might be too late.”

“With advanced technologies like the FUT, there’s no more excuse not to look good,” he added.

FUT myth #2: Another person’s hair can be used for a hair transplant

Before the procedure, Suki thought it would involve implanting someone else’s hair into his scalp. “I was mistaken. During my consultation, I was told that my own hair will be used for the FUT.”

With FUT, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and dissected into smaller groups for transplanting into the balding spots. The donor hair must come from the patient himself. If it comes from another person, the body will reject the transplanted hair. Additionally, the donor hair might not match the recipient’s hair style, thickness, and color if it’s from another person.

FUT myth #3: The procedure is painful

Because FUT is a surgical procedure, people associate it with pain and discomfort. However, as long as it’s performed by board-certified and experienced cosmetic surgeons, you’re assured of a painless and comfortable experience.

Suki said he wasn’t scared at all during the entire procedure. He was so relaxed that he even chatted and laughed with the Svenson team. “It wasn’t painful at all for me! The procedure took hours, but it was comfortable. I even posted about what’s happening on my social media accounts, and everyone was like, ‘How are you so calm?’”

“That only means that the doctors were great. Because if you don’t feel any fear, then it means you’re in good hands,” Suki said.

FUT myth #4: It requires high maintenance and takes time to heal

The FUT hair restoration method won’t cause as much hassle as you’d expect. Within a few days after the transplant, any patient can go back to his normal day-to-day activities.

“You can do it on a Friday and then go back to work on a Monday—it’s that easy. It’s so low maintenance. There’s very little downtime,” Suki said.

FUT myth #5: You’re left on your own to care for your hair after the transplant

“What I like about Svenson is that the care goes beyond the FUT hair transplant. Everything is taken care of before, during, and after the procedure. After the transplant, we’ve been doing a lot of corrective treatments like Revage to make sure that my hair and scalp are in perfect condition,” Suki shared.

After Suki’s transplant, his head was covered with a very thick bandage to prevent bleeding and infections, which are among the possible side effects of the procedure.

Post-transplant hair and scalp care doesn’t just end there. Svenson will be with you all the way with its full service, from the consultations until you achieve your desired results. In contrast, the service of other hair restoration clinics is limited to just the procedure.

FUT myth #6: The transplant will result in patches or an unnatural appearance

Suki Salvador's hair transplant with Svenson

Suki’s photos before and after his FUT hair transplant show dramatic results in just 6 months. His hair is now fuller and thicker, and his hairline got lower.

“It looks natural!” Suki said about the results. “At first, it looked like a growing beard, but it’s gotten softer. Now, I have a new square-shaped forehead—exactly what I wanted. My scalp has become healthier than ever.”

FUT myth #7: You can’t cut your hair short or style it after the transplant

man tries to hide his face

One of the biggest myths about the FUT hair transplant is that the linear scar it leaves makes it impossible to style your hair or cut it short.

“Svenson doesn’t force the idea of an FUT hair transplant down your throat. Your lifestyle and preference will be considered. If you like your hair short, they’ll make sure that the scar at the back of your head won’t be visible,” Suki said.

Suki enjoys his newfound freedom. “There’s so much freedom after a hair transplant. It has given me the kind of confidence I can’t get from anywhere. Now I can cut, grow, and color my hair. It’s so empowering to be able to do any hairstyle I want.”

Getting a hair transplant from Svenson is among Suki’s greatest investments ever. He pays it forward by helping young people like him realize the importance of restoring their hair while it’s still early. “I always tell them to see the trichologists at Svenson to know the best treatment for them,” he said.

In this digital and social-driven age, your image matters a lot. To feel good about yourself, you have to be in charge of your physical appearance, and that includes taking the early steps to fight hair loss. Book a free hair and scalp consultation with Svenson today! #The Hair LossAuthority

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