Relieve scalp itchiness, irritation, and inflammation with Bio Scalp Advanced LED Therapy for the Hair and Scalp

Bio Scalp

How do you know when your scalp is stressed? When it’s itchy, flaky, red, and irritated. Yes, stress affects the scalp, too, damaging its microflora and disrupting its barrier function so that it becomes overly sensitive and more prone to irritation and inflammation. As if that wasn’t enough to add to your stress, leaving it untreated can trigger even more problems, including hairloss. Enter: Bio Scalp.

This new scalp solution utilizes 572 blue and red LEDs (light emitting diodes) to trigger cell regeneration and rejuvenate the hair and scalp, boost hair growth, relieve itchiness, redness, and inflammation, and kill bacteria to address scalp issues like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and pruritus (itchy scalp).

Bio Scalp uses specific wavelengths of both red and blue LEDs:

The red LED light (660nm) triggers the regeneration of cells in the scalp, helping stimulate hair growth. It also improves blood circulation, ensuring that the hair strands receive enough supply of oxygen and nutrients. 

The blue LED light (435nm) has antibacterial properties that help improve and relieve scalp problems like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and itchy scalp.

Saving your hair starts with the scalp. To boost overall hair and scalp health, find out more about Bio Scalp today.