Losing hair can be every adult’s worst nightmare. No amount of over-the-counter hair products can remedy hair loss. If you’re worried about baldness—so much so that you’re having sleepless nights—then consider a more permanent solution. One of your best and safest bets to end hair loss is the Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT hair transplant.

This cutting-edge procedure has the seal of approval of hair restoration experts because of its high success rate of 90% and low graft rejection rate of 5% for treating male pattern baldness. FUT hair transplant also yields natural-looking results.

Of course, you want to know if FUT is the best option for you. To help you make an informed choice, here is the lowdown on the FUT hair transplant and its results, recovery time, and side effects, among other considerations.

What is FUT?

FUT, also known as Strip FUT, is a hair transplant method that takes a thin horizontal strip of tissue from the scalp at the back of the head and then divides it into smaller groups, each with one to four hairs (called follicular units or grafts), for transplanting to the balding and thinning areas of the head. The donor area where the strip is removed contains healthy hairs that are ideal for replacing the areas that are losing hair.

The main difference between FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant (or Follicular Unit Extraction, which is also a hair transplant technique) is in the manner of harvesting donor hairs. In FUT, a strip of hair containing grafts is removed for transplant, while in FUE, each graft is removed individually.

Who is a good candidate for FUT?

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Wondering if FUT is the right hair loss solution for you? Find out first if you’re a suitable candidate for this hair transplant procedure, depending on the type and cause of your hair loss, and the hair quality and look you want to achieve from the surgery. Generally, FUT is ideal for people who want to restore hair in bigger balding areas.

How is FUT performed?

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FUT is generally a safe, painless, and comfortable hair transplant procedure that can be done in just one session, taking just a few hours.

The process involves the following steps:

  • The hair in the donor area (where the grafts will be removed) is trimmed so that the transplant team can easily access the scalp.
  • A local anesthesia is injected into the donor area of the scalp to numb it.
  • The surgeon removes a 6- to 10-inch strip of scalp from the back of your head, sets it aside, and stitches the scalp to close the incision.
  • The transplant team separates the strip of scalp into thousands of tiny grafts or follicular units using a microscope to prevent damage to the follicles. The number of grafts that will be taken from your scalp depends on your hair type and quality. At Svenson, up to 4,000 grafts can be removed and transplanted.
  • The recipient site or the bald area where the grafts will be implanted is cleaned and injected with anesthesia.
  • The surgeon creates incisions on the scalp using a needle and carefully inserts each graft into each incision.

After the transplant, you will be given instructions on how to care for the treated area to prevent post-surgery complications. You will also be briefed on what to expect in terms of hair regrowth.

If you undergo an FUT with Svenson, you will enjoy post-transplant hair care to ensure the good health of your hair and scalp. The staff will keep in touch with you to check on your progress and give you advice so that you won’t experience discomfort. This is unlike other hair transplant clinics whose service ends as soon as the procedure is over.

What is the recovery time for an FUT hair transplant?

If the FUT is performed by board-certified and experienced cosmetic surgeons and you take the prescribed medications, you can quickly recover after the procedure, as the wounds heal a few days later.

What results can be expected from an FUT hair transplant?

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FUT leads to natural-looking hair regrowth without any unsightly clumps of hairs. In as early as 6 months after the procedure, you can already notice thicker and denser hair.

Beyond the appearance, the results from an FUT hair transplant can be liberating and empowering. Months after the procedure, you can style, dye, and have a haircut any way you like.

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FUT hair transplant is a minimally-invasive surgery. It is only as effective as the cosmetic surgeons that performed it, so choose your hair restoration clinic wisely.

In the hands of trained, skilled, and experienced surgeons, you can experience faster wound healing, no damage to the hair follicles, and less noticeable scarring. Also, the strip-like scar from the FUT hair transplant will not be visible as long as the incision is done properly in the donor area.

Getting an FUT hair transplant can be the biggest decision you will ever make. Learn as much as you can about it. Consult a hair and scalp expert from a topnotch anti-hair loss clinic who can discuss with you what to expect from the procedure and evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for FUT. Book a free hair and scalp consultation with Svenson today! #The Hair LossAuthority.

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