Why this breakthrough treatment is the future of hair regeneration.

What happens when the fight against hair loss gets tough? You go for the tougher solution. That’s where the latest breakthrough in hair loss treatments in the Philippines comes in: Svenson’s new NexoHair. 

Harnessing the potent benefits of exosomes, Svenson’s latest offering NexoHair delivers faster results, improved hair density, and more hair coverage. Specifically designed to be optimized for hair growth, exosomes signal hair cells to reactivate dormant hair follicles while also promoting the growth of new hair follicles for fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

Through an exclusive partnership, NexoHair uses E50-H exosomes, which are derived from marine sources.

Exosomes 101

Exosomes are naturally produced by the cells and play a key role in cell-to-cell communication. With their potent regenerative functions, they signal cells to facilitate certain processes to repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate.

According to Mike Lee, CEO of PrimaCure, “Exosomes are vesicles containing growth factors, genetic material, and lipids. That vesicle not only protects those growth factors and genetic material inside, it also facilitates delivery. The outer wall of an exosome, the membrane, is the same biochemical structure as our human cells. So in comparison to traditional modalities, I would say you can achieve faster, more standardized results.”

E50-H Results

Next-Level Hair Loss Solution

So what makes exosomes so good for the hair? Mr. Lee shares, “What makes exosome therapy exciting for hair is the fact that it can stimulate hair stem cells to form new hair follicles. Platelet-rich plasma for hair loss can make your existing hair follicles grow healthy, thicker hair, or activate dormant hair follicles. Exosomes not only do that, but on top of that, will stimulate hair stem cells that are residing right under your scalp to migrate and plug up with your endothelial cells and become new hair follicles where new hair will grow. That’s why you see more explosive results in a shortened period of time.”

This next-level solution does not require next-level effort. It is virtually pain-free and requires no downtime. Mr. Lee says, “It is convenient. No blood drawing necessary. It is administered using microneedling, where you’ll basically feel the same sensation as you just tapping your scalp with your nails.”

A Deeper Infusion

After the application of exosomes on the scalp through microneedling, NexoHair amps it up with TargetCool to allow the deeper penetration of exosomes. Also, the CO2 used in this device helps reduce inflammation, lower blood pH, and improve the supply of oxygen to cell tissues.

Mr. Lee shares, “It utilizes cold temperature and pressure to drive products into the microchannels created by microneedling. So we can really maximize the delivery of exosomes into the scalp.”

A Great Non-Surgical Alternative

Svenson has one of the best hair transplants in the Philippines. But for those who do not want to go the surgical route for their hair loss problems, NexoHair is a great alternative that can deliver comparable results. “With hair transplant surgeries, you might see faster results because you’re literally transplanting hair,” says Mr. Lee. “But if you give exosomes three to four months, especially if you’re a younger patient, I would say the results are comparable to that of maybe a graft that’s 4,000 to 6,000.”

Step into the future of hair regeneration with NexoHair, exclusively available at Svenson. Completing Svenson’s arsenal of proven effective hair and scalp recovery and restoration programs, it’s just what you need to take your fight for every strand to the next level.

For the best hair loss treatments in the Philippines, only Svenson, the Hairloss Authority, is the place to be. Message us for more details.

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