Also known as the strip method, Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is the most popular method of hair restoration today. It’s a state-of-the-art procedure that removes hair from the donor area and then creates grafts to keep natural groupings intact. With utmost precision, the hair transplant specialist implants the individual grafts during the procedure, keeping in mind the proper angle and arrangement of each graft. The end result of follicular unit hair transplantation is a pattern and distribution that mimics your natural hair.

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How Does the FUT Procedure Work?

As a traditional procedure for hair transplantation, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery remains a reliable treatment for men experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. It’s a surgical restoration method wherein individual hair follicles are collected in a strip and then transplanted from the donor area (typically the back or the sides of the head) to the areas where thinning or balding is apparent.

On average, hair naturally grows in units of 1-4 hair strands. Along with their associated structures, these hairs are known as a follicular unit. During follicular unit transplantation, these units are transplanted on to the recipient sites’ new openings. As hair naturally grows in units of 1-4 strands, the newly transplanted grafts appear more natural.

Normally, each follicular unit hair transplantation session can take up to a whole day. Sessions of 2,000-3,000 grafts are common, while some hair transplant specialists even have sessions in excess of 4,000 grafts.

The successful results of follicular unit transplantation weigh heavily on the skills of the hair transplant surgeon and his team of specialists. Careful planting and design of the hairline, as well as the direction and angle in which the hairs are planted, all help create natural-looking results that will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime.


Solve Your Hair Loss Problem Today with FUT

Follicular unit strip surgery has proved to be a very successful treatment for hair restoration. While there will be a linear scar at the back of your head for a while, it can be quickly concealed once the hair grows a bit longer. As for the recipient site, you will begin to see and appreciate new growth after three months’ time, right after the shock loss has occurred. A few weeks after that, hair stubble will begin to line the bald areas.

One of the unique selling points of follicular unit hair transplantation is that large numbers of follicle groups can be transplanted in a single session. The FUT method allows for mega sessions, where up to 4,000 follicle units can be transferred in one sitting. This makes follicular unit transplantation the more economic and practical option for clients with busy schedules and a strict budget. The FUT procedure also has a high rate of follicle survival, making it suitable for people with limited hair availability in the donor area.

Overall, follicular unit transplantation can create a beautiful and natural outcome, granted it’s done by highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons like the ones at Svenson!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good candidates for FUT are those who still have a good amount of donor hair available. They should be at least in their late 20s as this is the minimum age where hair loss progression has finally started. Otherwise, if follicular unit strip surgery is done too early, the aesthetic results will suffer as hair loss progresses.

A patient should also not have any bleeding tendencies as this could lead to potential problems, when the procedure calls for a long incision. It is also important to ask advice from a certified hair and scalp expert, like Svenson’s in-house trichologists. You can schedule a free consultation with us so we can provide you with suitable recommendations.

To find out if you’re suitable for FUT hair transplant, it’s best to schedule a consultation with Svenson. We will ask you questions about your medical and family history, and perform a hair and scalp examination to check the status of your hair. This is also to see if an FUT hair transplant will meet your expectations and solve your hair loss problems or if another treatment is more ideal.

All of the trichologists in Svenson are trained and qualified hair specialists. They’re basically the best people to go to for hair loss problems. They will diagnose and recommend the most suitable treatments and regularly follow up to ensure you get your desired results.

During your initial consultation, Svenson will thoroughly explain what you can expect during the follicular unit strip surgery. Before the actual hair transplant session, you will be guided and given pre-op instructions to prepare you properly for the procedure.

During the follicular unit transplantation, you will be in the trusted hands of board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience under their belt. After the hair transplant session, you will be recommended follow-up treatments to help your hair regrow and ensure your hair and scalp remain healthy. Unlike other hair loss centers in the Philippines, only Svenson provides comprehensive pre- and post-transplant care.

Yes, an FUT transplant is a permanent hair loss solution. This is mainly because the hair follicles transplanted to areas of thinning or loss are programmed genetically to continue growing for life.

Your transplanted hair follicles will retain their original characteristics and continue growing, even though they’ve been transferred to an area of your scalp where hair thinning or hair loss is occurring. Additionally, your newly transplanted hair is not weaker than your normal hair. You can cut it, wash it, and generally treat it like how you would with your original hair.

FUT costs vary depending on the degree of hair loss and the thickness you want to achieve by the end of the procedure. However, it’s definitely not as expensive as you think it is. If you would like to know of our pricing plans, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Other clinics offer follicular unit strip surgery only but with Svenson’s comprehensive range of anti-hair loss solutions, you have more options to consider before you commit to a hair transplant surgery. If hair transplant is the best recourse for you after having a consultation with our trichologists, we still offer a more complete approach compared to other clinics with our 3-step solution:

  • Before Hair Transplant: To ensure our clients’ hair and scalp are healthy and ready for the transplant, our qualified trichologists address the root of the problem first. Their diagnoses are always correct so you get the best possible result.
  • During the procedure: We perform a hair transplant that mimics the pattern and distribution of your natural hair.
  • Post-transplant Care: You get post-transplant care through our advanced hair and scalp treatments. This ensures that your new and remaining hair stay thick and healthy.