Dealing with hair loss when you least expect it can be very daunting; from seeing signs of balding in your 20s, to
stress-related thinning and shedding, and even genetic hair loss, facing these struggles alone is a huge challenge.

At Svenson, we understand that having a full head of hair is more than just a physical attribute; each strand tells a story about LIFE — living life to the fullest, making an impact on others, flourishing in the things you love to do, and elevating all aspects of your life. As the leading hair loss authority in the country, Svenson has further fortified its arsenal of proven effective treatments and procedures with its latest offering: NexoHair exosome therapy, specifically designed to deliver faster results, improved hair density, and more hair coverage–giving an added boost to your treatments.

Stories of LIFE – Turning Hair Loss into Hair WINS for Women

Over the years, more and more women sought the help of Svenson for their hair loss. Svenson Trichologist, Shai Aya-ay shares that while it is less talked about, hair loss in women is actually more common than we think, and women become more vulnerable as they approach their 40s.

“I would say about 40-50% of women can suffer from female pattern hair loss or the genetic type of hair loss,” she says. “And around 40% suffer from what we call telogen effluvium, hair shedding episodes that are usually trigger-based.”

One of these women is Juana Manahan-Yupangco, who sought help after struggling with bouts of excessive thinning and shedding. As the founder of Mesa ni Misis, she juggles different responsibilities and deals with a lot of stress in her daily life. But it was during the COVID-19 lockdown that really prompted her to seek help, as her hair loss became more prominent. “Seeing hair on my floor and having clumps come out when I pulled my hair up into a ponytail, I got really scared,” she recalled.

With guidance from our certified Trichologists and consistent treatment, Svenson was able to save Juana’s hair, restoring thicker and healthier strands and keeping her scalp issues under control. “I learned from Svenson that scalp health is important. If I want my hair to be healthy, my scalp has to be healthy.”

To further reinforce the progress she’s made since starting her Svenson treatments, NexoHair was added to her hair and scalp program. Her first impression of Svenson’s latest treatment? Quick, easy, and painless. “There’s no pain, but there’s pressure. It’s like you’re getting stamped on the head,” she shared. “There are some points that felt ticklish. On other points, I actually fell asleep because it was quite relaxing, especially towards the back of the head.” 

After her first session, Juana remains positive and hopeful for her hair’s future. “I’ve seen a sneak peek of some results from test subjects. So, I’m so excited to see what my hair and scalp will look like in the next few weeks.”

Stories Of Life – Making A Difference In Your 20s

While hair loss is seen as a common problem among men in their 40s and 50s, Shai Aya-ay observed that signs of balding in your 20s is much more common and more aggressive. “People are surprised to learn that the onset for male pattern hair loss actually starts just right after puberty, as early as their teens or 20s.” She believes that the best way to prevent further hair loss is being proactive about treatment–the sooner, the better. “The key to controlling male pattern hair loss is with early treatments so you can have a better prognosis.”

That’s exactly what young actor, Paulo Angeles, did after noticing significant hair loss and thinning in his 20s. He shared that he does not have a family history of hair loss, which caused him a lot of stress and anxiety, prompting him to halt his acting projects at one point. That’s why finding Svenson and seeing great results firsthand gave him a much-needed confidence boost.

Gumaan yung pakiramdam ko, hindi ko na siya iniisip,he says. “Happy ako kasi na-sstyle na siya, and kaya ko nang magpa-long hair, finally.”

Happy with the results of his Svenson treatments, he was very excited to explore the possibilities with NexoHair. “Pinakita sa akin ang mga Before and After ng new treatment. Maganda yung results!”

After starting with his first session, what impressed him was how painless and comfortable the treatment was, and recommends it to those who are averse to pain or hesitant about getting surgery. “Wala siyang pain, walang surgery involved. And nakaka-motivate yung results na nakita ko with other clients who have tried it, kaya hopefully ganun din para sa akin.

With NexoHair now a part of Svenson’s arsenal of proven effective hair and scalp recovery and restoration programs, more clients have the opportunity to live their best lives with fuller, thicker, and healthier hair.

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