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If you want to get back a full head of hair without undergoing surgery, our Hair Replacement Systems are for you. Non-invasive, quick, and fuss-free, these natural-looking hair additions are virtually undetectable to touch or sight.

Svenson’s hair replacement systems are custom-made for individual needs, with unique designs for your personalized requirements: shape, color, texture, density, etc. They’ll perfectly fit your head and create a natural, undetectable appearance. No one will notice you’re wearing one. You can sleep, shower, exercise, and even swim in your hair replacement unit from Svenson.

Hair Integration

Svenson’s non-surgical Hair Integration System is a hair weave ideal for you if you need only partial hair additions. It is not a wig, toupee or any form of transplant. There is also nothing inserted into the scalp. It is simply hair that is linked or attached to existing hair. You can sleep with the hair weave on, or even shower, comb, or brush it without any worry of it coming off.

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Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction

If you’re in the advanced stages of baldness and want to have a full head of hair again without surgery, Svenson offers the latest hair replacement system called the Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction (TCR). It’s a super fine synthetic skin with hair implanted on it that’s seamlessly bonded to your scalp. It cannot be dislodged and it’s virtually undetectable to touch or sight. TCR is the most advanced form of non-surgical hair replacement there is.

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