Long-lasting and Manageable Hair Replacement Systems

hair replacement

Look ten years younger and gain back your confidence with
Hair Replacement Systems from Svenson.

Long-lasting and Manageable Hair Replacement Systems

hair replacement

Proven Process. Effective Approach

If you want to get back a full head of hair without undergoing surgery, our Hair Replacement Systems are for you. Non-invasive, quick, and fuss-free, these natural-looking hair additions are virtually undetectable to touch or sight.

Svenson’s hair replacement systems are custom-made for individual needs, with unique designs for your personalized requirements: shape, color, texture, density, etc. They’ll perfectly fit your head and create a natural, undetectable appearance. No one will notice you’re wearing one. You can sleep, shower, exercise, and even swim in your hair replacement unit from Svenson.

Hair Integration

Svenson’s non-surgical Hair Integration System is a hair weave ideal for you if you need only partial hair additions. It is not a wig, toupee or any form of transplant. There is also nothing inserted into the scalp. It is simply hair that is linked or attached to existing hair. You can sleep with the hair weave on, or even shower, comb, or brush it without any worry of it coming off.

Hair Integration
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Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction

If you’re in the advanced stages of baldness and want to have a full head of hair again without surgery, Svenson offers the latest hair replacement system called the Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction (TCR). It’s a super fine synthetic skin with hair implanted on it that’s seamlessly bonded to your scalp. It cannot be dislodged and it’s virtually undetectable to touch or sight. TCR is the most advanced form of non-surgical hair replacement there is.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hair loss replacement systems are for male clients who are in the advanced stages of hair loss or baldness. These are hair additions that don’t need surgical procedures and are undetectable to sight or touch. One of the hair loss replacement options in Svenson is the Hair Integration System, which is a hair weave that’s suitable for those who only need partial hair additions. Another popular option is the TCR (Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction). During the procedure, our hair loss specialists will bond a system made of synthetic skin with embedded hair in it onto your scalp. It will look exactly like hair is growing out of your scalp.

You can shower, sleep, work out, and even swim with the hair loss replacement systems on without worrying that they’ll come off.

The best person to ask if hair replacement systems will work for you is a certified hair and scalp specialist, like our trichologists at Svenson. They will provide a thorough and accurate evaluation of your hair loss and give you their recommendations. As they are specially trained, they know how personal hair loss can be and will guide you throughout your hair restoration journey. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation today by calling 8892-HAIR (4247).

Most men will inevitably lose their hair due to male pattern baldness but factors such as stress, medications, and illnesses can speed up their hair loss process. If you still have sufficient hair in various areas of the scalp, you can opt for permanent hair transplants as follicles from a dense area of the hair can be implanted into areas with thinning or stagnant growth. If you have lost too much hair already and you’re progressing to advanced baldness, a hair replacement system is your best bet. You won’t have to worry about future thinning or additional hair loss as the system will be seamlessly bonded to your scalp.

The men’s non surgical hair replacement system you’ll receive at Svenson mimics your natural hair so it’s virtually undetectable to touch or sight. We use a base material that’s incredibly light and breathable so that it looks as if there’s natural hair growing right out of the scalp. As we’re skilled hair replacement specialists, we can match any scalp hairline and color and determine a maintenance plan so that your hair system stays looking healthy, natural, and lush. We’ll prepare a maintenance schedule so that your adhesions are performing optimally and to avoid any noticeable wear and tear on your hair loss replacement system.

Our hair replacement system is ideal for those in the advanced stages of baldness and want to have a full head of hair without the need for surgery. It’s an advanced form of hair system featuring an extremely fine synthetic skin with hair implanted in it that seamlessly bonds to your scalp. On the other hand, anti-hair loss treatments are for those who have other scalp and hair concerns. The treatments are clinically tested and proven to arrest the root cause of hair loss, stimulate better hair regrowth and restore the health of your scalp and hair.

Many people perceive professional hair loss treatment to be expensive but hair loss replacement systems cost less than you would expect. Svenson’s hair replacement systems start at Php55,000, which is worth it when you’re trying to gain back the confidence and happiness you feel with a head full of hair. While there’s been a proliferation of accessible, over-the-counter hair growth shampoo and products, nothing beats expert and professional advice to achieve the most effective results. Plus, Svenson has been in the science of professional hair and scalp therapy since 1956. If there are trusted specialists you can turn to when it comes to hair loss, it’s the experts at Svenson.