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Society has developed stereotypes on balding and hair thinning. “In the history of hair, baldness was either an indication of sickness, out of religiosity as a monk, or as subjugation if you’re a prisoner or slave,” according to Kurt Stenn, in his book Hair: A Human History. One of Hollywood’s favorite comedy materials involve middle-aged men with thinning hair who are typically cast as the obnoxious basketball coach or the lame high school principal. However, balding is no laughing matter. It affects a man or woman’s self-esteem and perspectives in life. Hair is considered a woman’s crowning glory, thus female hair thinning is a huge blow on her self-image.

Here are testimonials from younger men and women on their real thoughts about balding and hair thinning.

Lorraine, 22 years old, customer service representative

woman staring at the city skyline

– I’m hopeful

I have beta thalassaemia major, a genetic blood disease characterized by iron deficiency. My doctor told me that my hair thinning is attributed to my health condition, but I never got used to that fact. I’ve always wanted to have long thick hair like my friends. I talked to my mom about the possibilities of hair restoration procedures. I’m hopeful.

Chynna Angelou, 25 years old, writer

woman with long brown hair

– It’s depressing

I initially thought that my hair loss was because of my regular trips to the salon. I love having my hair colored in vibrant shades. But when I was 19, I had a medical emergency and was diagnosed with lupus. Hair thinning is a result of lupus, which is an incurable disease. It’s depressing. Still, I continuously research for tips on how to make my hair thicker.

Sonny, 36 years old, car rental owner

man sitting in a parked car

– A bald head does not suit me…

When I started noticing bald patches on my head, my wife casually advised me to shave my hair. It sounded like it is the most obvious solution; only that a bald head does not suit me! My head looks like a shiny watermelon. Wearing a wig is out of the question so now I cannot leave the house without a baseball cap. I’m open to hearing more concrete solutions.

Gerald, 38 years old, sales executive

man with a thick book and satchel

– I never had the courage to put out my photo in a dating platform

I partly blame my single status on my workaholic lifestyle. At 38, I’ve only been in a serious relationship once. I found it troublesome. My younger cousins introduced me to an online dating platform a couple of years ago but I never had the courage to put out my photo. I don’t think any woman would find my receding hairline appealing. I’m inquiring my doctor about the possibility of surgery.

Clarissa, 32 years old, life insurance agent

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– My personal life later improved, but my hair continued to shed

My marriage was on the rocks for a couple of years. Although I tried to distract myself with work, the emotional stress was evident with how I looked. My skin was visibly dry, my eyes weary and my hair falling out. My personal life later improved, but my hair continued to shed. A co-worker suggested a hair restoration procedure.

Raymond, 28, engineer

person with a hat sitting outdoors

– I’m keeping my options open

At 26, I underwent angioplasty after a massive heart attack. Doctors found that my blood vessels were blocked with fat and cholesterol. I started skipping meat and oily foods, then decided to go vegetarian. However, I also experienced hair loss. When I consulted a dermatologist, I was advised to take protein supplements to boost my hair growth. My only issue is that this solution takes time. Someone suggested hair transplant. I’m keeping my options open.

Patricia, 27 years old, full-time mother

woman with short hair

– Hair loss made me suffer from low self-esteem…

Hair loss made me suffer from low self-esteem especially since hair is considered a woman’s crowning glory. I used to look at my hairbrush and freak out because of the alarming amount of hair stuck to it. I applied aloe vera on my scalp thrice a week to help my hair regrow. There has been a bit of improvement over the past 11 months, but I need a faster fix.

Paolo, 29 years old, blogger

man in a beanie using his laptop

– Balding is a true confidence killer

As a travel blogger, I take a lot of photos and most of which I need to include myself. Everything was cool until my hairline started receding. I know my appearance had little impact on the content of my work, but I slowly lost the confidence to post my photos online. There was a point when I stopped posting selfies in my social media accounts. Balding is a true confidence killer. Thank God for hair innovations. I’ve decided to undergo hair restoration procedures.

Albert, 40 years old, IT officer

bald man on a hike with his dogs

– There is nothing cool about patchy hair…

There is nothing cool about patchy hair or alopecia areata. I needed to go to the barber more often than usual just to style my hair. Eventually, I decided to shave my head. I need to keep my head shaved to hide my patches. I wish there was a better way of going through this.

Ibarra, 35 years old, legal assistant

bald man looking out the window

– My balding spots are my family’s favorite source of humor

My balding spots are my family’s favorite source of humor. I honestly do not mind the ridiculing as long as it’s inside my home. I take offense when the jokes are made within the earshot of strangers. I’ve read about new balding remedies. At least, they’re keeping my hopes up that my condition can still change.

Andrea, 24 years old, medical student

woman using her tablet

–  know that stress in school is causing my hair thinning…

I know that stress in school is causing my hair thinning but I do not want to wait to finish med school before doing something about it. I increased my protein consumption and started taking vitamin A supplements. These are helping me a lot but I still notice hair fall whenever I take a shower. There are hair restoration innovations I’m open to trying as soon as I am able.

Lucas, 32 years old, copywriter

young man with a hat

– Balding is a fact of life that one cannot easily accept because it affects one’s self-image

All men in my family suffer from hair loss. My grandfather, father, uncles and older cousins started losing hair in their late 20s. So, I was not surprised when my hairline started receding at 29. Balding is a fact of life that one cannot easily accept because it affects one’s self-image. It’s the same thing with me. Although balding is a thing in my family, it has a negative impact in my self-esteem. My father encouraged me to check out surgical procedures for my balding problems.

Vincent, 38 years old, lawyer

man signs a contract

– My balding head makes me look and feel older

I talk to people from different walks of life on a daily basis. It is part of my chosen profession. I know that people respect me for my social standing, but I wish I can also be appealing to my peers. My balding head makes me look and feel old-er. I heard about new methods to help people like me. I’m open to trying one of them.

Dawn, 25 years old, web designer

young professional using her laptop

– I just wish I can let my hair down and feel good about it

I tie my hair back all the time for a reason: I am suffering from hair thinning. I do not know whether it is because of some disease I am yet to know or my lifestyle and habits. I just wish I can let my hair down and feel good about it. I’m saving up my next bonus for a trip to a hair clinic.

Balding and hair thinning should be taken seriously, not only because it affects one’s self-image but also because it can be due to an underlying medical condition. Stop googling your hair problems and seek help from professionals. Svenson has a roster of anti-hair loss specialists with more than 30 years of experience. For safe and effective hair loss procedures, choose the top hair restoration clinic in the Philippines.

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