Exosomes: The Next Frontier of Hair Loss Treatments in the Philippines

Step into the next frontier of hair regeneration: NexoHair, the latest breakthrough in hair loss treatments in the Philippines exclusively available at Svenson.

In the fight for every strand, you want the best “fighter” in the ring to win for you. That’s the power of exosomes for hair loss. Harnessing the benefits of exosomes, NexoHair delivers faster results, improved hair density, and more hair coverage.

Designed specifically to rescue from hair loss, NexoHair not only signals hair cells to naturally reactivate dormant hair follicles, it also promotes the growth of new hair follicles for fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

NexoHair’s exosomes are specifically designed to optimize them for hair growth, which means their efficacy is not dependent on the client’s health, age, genetics, or lifestyle habits. Exosomes provide fresher, younger messengers that act a lot younger than the client’s biological age.

NexoHair completes Svenson’s arsenal of proven effective hair and scalp recovery and restoration programs, which includes a wide range of anti-DHT treatments, hair growth stimulants, laser therapy, advanced hair replacement systems, and one of the best hair transplants in the Philippines.

Whether it’s signs of balding at 20, a family history of male or female pattern hair loss, or alopecia areata, Svenson’s NexoHair is a powerful addition to level up your treatments.

Juana Exosomes

E50-H Results


What are exosomes?

Exosomes are microscopic vesicles that are naturally produced by the cells and are like molecular couriers, delivering essential cargo such
as proteins, lipids, and genetic materials to target cells.

Exosomes have potent repair and regenerative functions, signalling cells to activate the regeneration of hair follicles, strengthening hair structure, reducing scalp inflammation, and relieving scalp issues.

NexoHair uses E50-H, which uses a proprietary process called ENTR® Technology to collect exosomes. These are derived from marine sources and then cultivated in embryonic stem cell media via a quicker process that allows for a final product which is homogenous and pure.

Amplified hair regeneration benefits

Here’s what NexoHair can do for the hair and scalp:

  1. Extracellular matrix remodelling
    Exosomes can influence the composition and organization of the extracellular matrix (ECM), helping create an environment where new hair follicles can form.
  1. Stimulation of hair follicle stem cells
    Exosomes can signal the stem cells to activate. This helps boost the growth of thicker hair strands and promote more hair count.
  1. Immunomodulation
    It is known that where there is hair loss, there is inflammation.
    Exosomes can influence the body’s immune response, helping reduce inflammation. Exosomes also promote tissue repair, which means more hair growth.
  1. Shortened telogen (resting phase) and lengthened anagen (growth phase) in the hair’s life cycle.
  1. Efficient delivery of growth factors
    These growth factors go into dying hair cells to stimulate their activity and promote hair follicle induction.

  2. Helps protect the hair against damage from UV rays, oxidative stress, and other environmental factors

Next-level application

Exosomes are applied on the scalp through microneedling, triggering repair and renewal while creating microchannels that will enable the full absorption of the exosomes.

Then using the TargetCool device, the exosomes are infused deeper into the scalp. Also, the CO2 used in this device helps reduce inflammation, lower blood pH, and improve the supply of oxygen to cell tissues.

Why choose NexoHair?

  • Many who tried NexoHair saw promising results with just 1 to 3 NexoHair sessions (individual results may vary).
  • Works for a wide range of hair loss issues, including male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, and alopecia areata
  • Virtually pain-free, no blood extraction needed
  • Proven safe, no downtime required

The future of hair regeneration, now at Svenson. Take your fight for every strand to the next level with the most trusted hair loss treatments in the Philippines. Try NexoHair today!


Frequently Asked Questions

NexoHair is a virtually pain-free treatment.

This will depend on the current condition of the client’s hair, so it is best to consult one of Svenson’s certified Trichologists.

NexoHair is a good treatment for those struggling with hair loss, including those starting to see signs of balding at 20, those with male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, or alopecia areata, as well as scalp issues like dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Since it works for a wide range of hair and scalp issues, it is best to consult a Svenson Trichologist to know how to best integrate this into your hair and scalp program.

NexoHair is proven safe and requires no downtime.

NexoHair, platelet rich fibrin, and platelet rich plasma for hair loss are all proven effective treatments. To find out which one will best suit your specific needs, let one of Svenson’s Trichologists give you a thorough hair and scalp analysis.

We offer a complete range of solutions for whatever stage of hair loss you are in, from anti-DHT treatments and hair growth stimulants, to laser therapy, advanced hair replacement systems, and one of the best hair transplants in the Philippines.

The advanced technology of NexoHair is exclusively available at Svenson.