Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

The powerful next generation of PRP hair treatment for thinning hair

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Frustrated with the many anti-hair loss products that you’ve spent money and effort on, only to watch your hair get even thinner and thinner? The solution might be in your blood all along. You’ve heard of the highly successful Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Treatment (PRP). Now Svenson introduces something that’s 10 times betterPlatelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF).

A powerful upgrade to PRP for hair loss, PRF harnesses the benefits of a more potent mix of growth factors from your own blood to boost faster, healthier hair growth, promote tissue repair, and dramatically improve hair density in just a few sessions.

Looking for effective hair loss solutions in the Philippines? There is only one place to go: Svenson, to try the new PRF.

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a “super serum” for hair growth that is known as the more potent version of the Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Treatment because it yields 10 times more growth factors.

Like PRP for hair loss, PRF uses the regenerative benefits of the blood’s growth factors to stimulate hair growth and promote overall hair health. But while the Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Treatment uses only the platelet-rich plasma from the blood, PRF is a combination of platelets, white blood cells, fibrin, and stem cells:

  • Platelets are rich in growth factors that regenerate tissue and improve hair regrowth.
  • White blood cells further aid tissue regeneration.
  • Fibrin allows a longer release of growth factors.
  • Stem cells act as a repair system for the body to replenish tissues.

This is possible because unlike the PRP hair treatment, PRF is spun at a lower speed so that the layers of the blood do not separate as distinctly. This allows some of the white blood cells and stem cells to remain within the platelet layer that is collected for treatment. Thus, there are more growth factors within PRF, making it a superior non-surgical hair loss solution. 

Giving a further boost to hair growth stimulation, microneedling is also done during PRF. Using a derma pen, it creates micro-punctures on the scalp which then trigger tissue repair and hair growth. It ends with an electroporation machine that ensures the full absorption and even distribution of the platelet-rich fibrin throughout the scalp.

PRF vs. PRP for hair loss: What’s the difference?

In PRP hair treatment, the blood is spun in the centrifuge at a HIGHER SPEED so the stem cells and white blood cells become completely isolated from the platelet-rich plasma. Only the platelet-rich plasma is used on the scalp to promote hair growth.

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In PRF, the blood is spun in the centrifuge at a LOWER speed, which means the white blood cells and stem cells are not completely isolated from the platelet-rich plasma and there’s a higher concentration of platelets. Research shows that this higher concentration makes a more effective mix for hair growth stimulation and can stimulate dormant hair follicles to return to a growth phase.

PRP for hair loss contains only 2 to 5 times the level of growth factors found in normal blood; but the more potent PRF contains approximately 10 times more, giving you superior results for improved hair regrowth, increased hair count, and thicker hair density.


Frequently Asked Questions

The client might feel a slight discomfort during the blood extraction, but the PRF itself is virtually painless thanks to the application of EMLA or topical anaesthesia on the scalp. There may be a tingling sensation on the scalp due to the derma pen.

This will depend on the current condition of the client’s hair, so it is best to consult one of Svenson’s certified trichologists.

PRF is a good treatment for a wide range of hair loss conditions, but it works best when hair follicles are still capable of producing new hairs. To find out if you’re a candidate for this treatment, or to find out more about Svenson’s complete range of hair loss solutions for men and women, please book a free consultation so our certified trichologists can assist you.

PRF requires no downtime. The client will only be instructed to leave it on overnight, and then shampoo the hair the next morning.

PRF is not just a powerful hair loss solution for men; it is proven effective for women too. A consultation with a Svenson trichologist will ensure if this is the best treatment option for the client.