Franco Laurel’s Journey to Fuller Hair with PRP Hair Treatment

Franco Laurel after successful PRP hair treatment

PRP for Hairloss

Franco Laurel: “My hair already looks fuller after one session!”

Hairloss can strike at any age. While the age-old misconception that hairloss only happens to men in their 50s or 60s still persists, the truth is, hairloss is a young man’s problem, too. In many cases of early onset hairloss, the first signs may even start to show in one’s 20s!

This is what happened to actor Franco Laurel, who first started noticing hairloss back in 2003. “The hairloss began in my crown area and in my hairline,” he shares. “For us guys, it’s quite a confidence-downer because hair is one of the things that you don’t want to lose.”

So he started looking for hairloss treatments for men and actually ended up finding Svenson very early on. He began his Svenson treatments in 2004 and was very happy with the results. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to complete his treatments back then. Years later, Franco says, “The sensitivity of my scalp started to come back and then the hair fall started to progress.”

He tried many hairloss solutions for men – different hair products, different vials. But nothing worked. That was when he knew it was time to go back to the Hairloss Authority. Now in his 40s and needing help with thinning hair, he sought the expertise of Svenson again and was recommended the PRP hair treatment.

PRP for hairloss harnesses the regenerative benefits of the platelet-rich plasma (hence the name) in your own blood. This plasma contains growth factors that have been found to encourage hair growth.

According to Svenson Trichologist Shai Aya-ay, “Several studies have shown that the high concentration of growth factors in PRP can achieve new hair growth, thicken the shaft of existing hairs, and also hasten the transition from the hair’s resting phase to its active growing phase.”

This platelet plasma hair treatment works by isolating the plasma from your blood and topically applying it on your scalp. Combined with microneedling to boost tissue repair, as well as electroporation for maximum absorption, the plasma is delivered into your hair follicles to not only stimulate the growth of new hair but also to thicken your existing hair.

Needless to say, Franco was impressed. “My hair looked fuller even after just one session. And now I’ve noticed new baby hairs growing! I highly recommend it.”

Want to know more about PRP for hairloss? Read on!

Before and After Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy utilizes the regenerative and healing benefits of growth factors in your own blood platelets. These growth factors are known to boost hair growth, density, and vitality.

How does PRP hair treatment work?

Before the procedure begins, a nurse applies topical anesthesia on your scalp to numb the area. While waiting for the topical anesthesia to take effect, the nurse collects a sample of your blood and then processes it through a centrifuge. This will isolate the platelet-rich plasma from the other components of the blood.

The next step is microneedling, which creates 2 mm micro-punctures on the scalp. This triggers the tissue repair process and helps with hair stimulation.

Next, the platelet-rich plasma is topically applied on the scalp. And then an electroporation machine is used to spread the plasma, increasing its absorption and distribution all over the scalp. You will be instructed to leave on the plasma overnight, and then shampoo your hair the next morning.

How does it feel? Is it painful?

There may be a slight discomfort during the blood extraction, but the PRP Therapy itself is virtually painless thanks to the use of a topical anesthesia. There may be a tingling sensation during the microneedling process.

How long does a PRP hair treatment session take?

Each session will take around 2 hours.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions will be determined during your consultation with one of Svenson’s trichologists. But generally, PRP sessions are done every 3 to 4 weeks for the first 4 months. It is best to undergo a hair and scalp analysis to know if you’re a candidate for PRP or better suited for Svenson’s other hair restoration programs.

Is there downtime?

Svenson’s PRP for hairloss is proven safe and requires no downtime.

Is Svenson’s PRP hair treatment for you? Find out by booking a free consultation today!

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