Why Svenson?

Your Hair is our Priority

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Countless men and women got back fuller, healthier hair.

At Svenson, your hair is our priority. That’s why all our efforts and expertise are dedicated to bringing back your hair at its healthiest. Read these success stories about how we helped our clients fight for every strand—and see how we can help you, too.


Who We Are

Svenson is a leading name in providing the most advanced hair loss solutions for men and women for over 30 years now.

Our team of qualified trichologists will give you the correct diagnosis and recommend the best treatments to address your hair and scalp problem.

For initial stages of hair loss, the focus is on early detection and elimination of the conditions causing it, such as toxins and scalp debris. We clear them out to provide the ideal environment to strengthen hair roots and stimulate stronger, healthier growth.

For advanced baldness, Svenson offers both surgical and non-surgical options. We have undetectable hair replacement systems, as well as safe, permanent hair transplantation procedures to give you back a natural-looking full head of hair.

False ads may claim otherwise, but hair simply cannot be grown on a bald head. But at Svenson, baldness can be prevented and further hair loss can be stopped. We make sure your hair stays the way it should be – strong and healthy.


See What Our Clients Have to Say

Certified. Highly trained professionals


Not all hair loss clinics are created equal. Svenson has a team of certified trichologists (hair and scalp experts) and highly trained staff to guarantee that you get a thorough and correct diagnosis of your hair and scalp concerns. With this, we are able to tailor a program that best fits your unique needs and gives you the best results.

Our hair transplant offerings are done by seasoned, board-certified, aesthetically trained plastic surgeons with the support of qualified nurses, so you are ensured that the procedure is safe and the result is permanent and natural-looking. And we don’t stop there. Only Svenson offers complete pre and post-transplant hair care programs to maintain the strength and health of your hair.

Svenson doctor speaking with client
Svenson doctors


At Svenson, we pride ourselves in having a team of trichologists (hair and scalp experts), all of whom have passed the Asian Society of Trichology (AST) examinations and thereby attained the rank of Certified Trichologist. They are the ones who give you a thorough and correct diagnosis of your concerns and from there recommend and supervise the treatments for your hair and scalp problems. You are assured that your hair is in expert hands.

Plastic Surgeons

To ensure that our hair transplantation services are safe and permanent, we have seasoned, board-certified, aesthetically trained plastic surgeons performing each procedure. They are the only specialists qualified to restore a full head of hair and create a natural-looking hairline that will complement your facial structure.

Svenson professional doing treatment on patient

Are you ready to talk to an expert?

Let our highly qualified trichologists examine your hair and scalp and recommend the best treatment for you. Schedule your free appointment today!

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