How to Prevent Gray Hairs with Svenson’s XTEND Treatment

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“Help! My hair’s going gray too fast.”

How to prevent gray hairs with Svenson’s XTEND Treatment

Few things signal “aging” more than gray hair. Even for people who are only in their mid 30s or early 40s, having gray hairs sprouting up here and there can immediately add years to their looks. Indeed, it’s not just our skin that ages, so does our hair. It’s no wonder that so many want to know how to prevent gray hairs. On the hunt for an effective and long-lasting anti-gray hair treatment? Go to the experts: Svenson.

Svenson trichologist, Shai Aya-ay, explains how age affects our hair color: “The hair’s pigment changes because our melanocytes, the pigment-producing stem cells that give hair its color, decrease in activity as we age. As the melanin production decreases, the hair turns gray.”

However, it’s not just age that causes gray hair. She adds, “Another factor that contributes to graying hair is extreme stress. Someone who’s going through a stressful period may notice an increased amount of hair graying in 2 to 3 months’ time.”

Why? A 2020 study has found that our body’s fight-or-flight response to stress can actually cause the release of certain chemicals which prematurely activate our melanocytes. This uses up the hair follicle’s color “reserves.” No pigment cells, no hair color. So the new hair turns gray or white.

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Whether it’s natural aging or stress or other factors, is your hair going gray too fast? Perhaps you’re already tired of the hours-long professional hair coloring sessions, plus the too-frequent (sometimes painful) touch-ups thereafter, or you’ve been disappointed by too many gray hair reduction products. Svenson has the solution for you: XTEND Anti-Gray Hair Treatment.

This proven effective gray hair reduction treatment contains active ingredients to help improve hair’s pigment production, delay the graying process, as well as protect hair follicles from UV and DNA damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties also reduce damage to scalp cells.

XTEND is clinically found to decrease oxidative stress in hair follicles and help prevent hairloss progression. Meant as an anti hair aging treatment, it can also help strengthen hair by promoting hair health and vitality. Reduce gray hairs and delay further graying. Get started on preserving your hair color’s color, strength and vitality at Svenson!

Is XTEND the best anti-gray hair treatment for you? Find out by booking a free consultation with a Svenson trichologist. Just send us a message here or call 8892-HAIR.

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